Guy Parker


Guy Parker

With over 10 years of experience managing conflicts of interest for some of the world's largest law firms and former Big 4 accounting firms, Guy brings a strong legal background that has covered numerous real estate cases and clients - to just about any other subject matter that you can think of - as valuable wisdom that can help guide with all of the details in buying or selling your home. Guy is, also, an excellent chef having run his own catering business for seven years. Through these experiences, Guy truly understands the meaning of customer service and how to best meet his client's needs and expectations.

Guy, also, enjoys remodeling homes, having helped design and supervise 3 major remodels of his own homes. He has always been teased by the contractors and his friends that he should be the General Contractor on the projects, considering his level of involvement and interest in each one. His eye for decorating his own homes has allowed him to assist many friends with stylistic choices of their own.

When not busy as a full-time Realtor, Guy enjoys spending time with his 5-year-old daughter, Bonita, and their loveable golden lab, Oscar. He, also, sings in a local choral group, plays piano, cooks, and supports various arts organizations throughout the Atlanta area.

Contact Guy today and allow him to help make your buying, selling or investing process simple and worry free!