Phillip Smith

Phillip Smith

Growing up all over the world and raised with a military background, Phillip has a strong understanding and respect for the need to have a special place to call home. In addition, He know's what fears and concerns people have when moving from another part of the city, country or world.

Phillip has lived in places as diverse as Spain, England, Scotland, Hawaii, and five other states in the U.S. Though he has been fortunate to see many beautiful places, he's proud to call Atlanta home since 1983, residing in the Midtown area for more than twenty years.

Eager and able to work with people of all types and financial levels, he works closely with sellers and buyers to carefully determine their needs and guide them through every step of the purchase process. Taking you from finding the right neighborhood to negotiating a fair deal.

With an eye for design and a nose for property with potential, you could say he has a particular edge. By employing a methodical and straightforward approach, he can achieve excellent results. It's this logic that aids him when it comes to finding the appropriate and unique home for buyers. Whether it is a two-bedroom bungalow on the outskirts of town or a spacious loft in the rapidly growing downtown area, count on Phillip to find the ideal home or attain the best sales price for your property.

The process can be hard, let him make it easy.

Phillip loves a challenge and will work just as hard for you to get the results you want while maintaining the utmost professionalism and integrity.

Knowing how important your home is to your happiness and the value of loving the place where you live, Phillip takes pride in matching the right property with the right people. You can count on him to represent you as the seller or buyer with straightforward honesty and enthusiastic energy.

Phillip will competently and compassionately guide you through the real estate process. Allow him to help you find that place you will be proud to call home.


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