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What is tenant representation and why do you need it?
It is a type of commercial real estate where an agent focuses solely on the needs of a tenant, rather than being tied to the lessor or landlord. Tenant reps are the leasing industry's equivalent to a buyer's broker on the sale side of the industry. While the underlying principles might seem straightforward, the benefits of working with an Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services REALTOR run deep.

The WHOLE Truth
When an agent works for a landlord, he or she has an obligation to show you one potential property -- the one that he or she is representing. Whether that site is a good one for you or a bad one and whether it's a bad deal or an attractive one, that agent is bound to represent his client's interests by selling you on the site. They might be nice to you and seem helpful, but they aren't telling you the whole truth.

The whole truth gets discovered when you look at a potential location in conjunction with multiple locations. Part of our agent’s job at AIRES is to find multiple sites for you and help you compare them. That way, you get the truth about the market as a whole so that you cannot just choose a good location but choose the best one relative to the others. We keep your confidences and push for terms that meet your needs, instead of the landlords.

A Cost-Benefit Analysis
Between the knowledge, negotiating and service benefits, hiring AIRES as your tenant representative can potentially save you thousands or millions of dollars over working with landlord representatives. PLUS working with a tenant rep is almost always FREE for you. Our commission gets paid by the landlord or the landlord's broker. As such, the cost-benefit analysis is almost always a no-brainer. Tenant representation wins. Ready to speak with an AIRES tenant rep?

Our tenant representation services include:


Why list with us?
Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services helps you increase profits by securing qualified tenants quickly. AIRES represents landlords, offering their properties for lease, our efforts tend to be concentrated on presentation, responsiveness, and negotiation. We place extra emphasis on marketing to other commercial real estate professionals, generously sharing commissions with them.

Our Approach
We work to be customer-centric in our approach with all our efforts, asking ourselves at each stage how we might best apply our energy, expertise, and contacts to add value for our customers. We strive to make things easier for our customers, not more difficult. When leasing up commercial properties, AIRES leverages our combination of marketing, technical expertise, and negotiating power.

Our Marketing Strategy
Marketing may begin with the preparation of an institutional style offering memorandum providing detailed specifics on the property. These include square footage, zoning, floor plans (if available), lease comparables, maps, demographics, traffic reports, and more! With our offering memorandums, we diligently strive to point out features of the property that make it unique and attractive for the right tenant. AIRES also lists properties in all three primary listing platforms, MLS, Costar, and CREXI – and social media!

Our landlord representation services include: