Selling Atlanta Real Estate


Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services was founded in 1996 as one of Atlanta's premier boutique real estate firms. Our team has a proven track record of results working with buyers, sellers and investors alike.

Our agents have in-depth knowledge of neighborhoods throughout the entire metro-Atlanta area. The name Atlanta Intown is kind of a misnomer. While we started in town just before and we continue to have a strong in town following, as we've grown, our service area has grown also. Last year, we represented buyers and sellers in virtually every metro-county and in 35 municipalities.

But what truly sets Atlanta Intown apart is our personal approach. We maintain a strong one-on-one relationship with each of our clients. We believe that exceptional service is personalized to each client’s specific needs, where service often begins long before a property is listed - or an agreement is signed - and continues long after a sale is complete. We believe that our service should exceed our clients’ expectations, so much so that they become our best spokespeople. Our goal is to always deliver unexpected extras.

This is why we have continued to grow despite the ups and downs of the real estate market and it's why we've earned a well-deserved reputation for ensuring a positive, well-managed real estate experience and delivering fast, sure results.


We know how to match potential buyers with your property. Our agents are our biggest assets; they are active in community groups, homeowners' associations and charitable organizations in the neighborhoods they serve, so networking comes naturally. We've got you covered!

Atlanta Intown agents are not merely sales professionals; we are trusted advisors who guide you through the process of selling your home. From establishing a fair price to aggressively promoting your home to hosting open houses, we keep you in the loop every step of the way. Questions or concerns? Just call, email or text us and we'll respond promptly.

Selling real estate in today's vibrant marketplace necessitates an “outside the box” approach, and Atlanta Intown goes far beyond listing your property in the multiple listing services. We work with you to get your home prepped to be at the top of the market. We use innovative marketing campaigns and negotiate all offers to realize the best possible price and terms for you. Our agents' market insights and business savvy serve you well to quickly clear away any obstacles, so you'll get to closing fast.


Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services is the Leverage Global Partners' exclusive member in Atlanta, Georgia. A unique alignment of the most prestigious independent real estate brokerage firms around the world, Leverage Global Partners offers its members the opportunity to better serve their clients' relocation and real estate portfolio needs by establishing each member firm as key players in the international real estate arena.

"We personally vet each real estate brokerage before offering them membership, so we are certain that Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services is an innovative and forward-thinking market leader, offering exceptional service to their clients and to the communities of Atlanta," said F. Ron Smith, President of Leverage Global Partners. "We are thrilled to have them with Leverage Global Partners."

As a member of Leverage, Atlanta Intown Real Estate Services is as the network's exclusive representative for the Atlanta area, facilitating a framework in which the company can expand and compete with larger franchise networks. Through Leverage's "Just Ask" referral program, Atlanta Intown associates are offered personal introductions and provided access to top firms around the world, ensuring them incomparable networking ability in the worldwide luxury real estate market.

In addition to offering exceptional service and connectivity, Leverage differentiates itself from existing international luxury real estate associations by increasing the online and social media presence of their members, and providing marketing tools designed to help a member expand their individual business.

Leverage Global Partners is rapidly expanding its membership base and currently has members in numerous other dynamic communities around the world, including Paris, Los Angeles, New York, London, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Toronto, Tokyo, and Bangkok.


We guide you through the complexities of your home sale, simplifying the process and removing obstacles that can slow it down. We handle contract negotiations and home inspection issues, coordinate necessary repairs, and work with the closing attorney. Expect detailed feedback on agent showings, market competition and market trends. As a transaction progresses, we keep you apprised of critical deadlines, particularly during the due-diligence period.


Effectively and persistently promoting your home through multiple media is the key to getting good offers. This is particularly important in a competitive real estate market. Therefore, as part of our service we:

Let Atlanta Intown give you the key to the city today!

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